this makes me so uncomfortable
  • Teacher: And therefore, sperm cells are made up of glucose.
  • Student: So you're saying that sperm has sugar in it
  • Teacher: Technically
  • Student: But it doesn't even taste like-
  • Teacher: what
  • Student: what
  • thefirstnolol:


frequency of letter usage on a computer keyboard visually

Poor z and x in the bottom left are as flat as a 10 year old white girl
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Found both finally :))

the no-makeup one is so much prettier

i’m so obsessed with this photo

No matter what, her natural beauty is better. This gives people an idea of how photoshop can change a persons beauty in a matter of clicks. Look at her patchy skin suddenly turn flawlessly smooth and clear, and her eye colour and her lip colour difference. It gives people an idea of make up too, imagine the amount of make up the make up artists used. 
I admit this is a very good photo. But her natural beauty is so much better.

queued xx


whooooo is thaaaaat?

Karlie Kloss :) 

Oh look, its one of those gifs that you can hear.

omg wow!


    i’m never going to delete my blog so that in twenty years from now i can type my url, and scroll through somewhat of a time capsule and laugh at how much of a strange teenager i was.


our hotels roof garden in Athens has some pretty cool views, on the other side we can see the Parthenon